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Whether you’re a complete beginner or have hit a plateau in your own training, personal training with our very own trainer is a great way to get the results you are looking for.

Session Fees:
1 session – $45

All session packages include an initial consultation to get a better idea of training experience, goals, etc. You will then be guided through a routine with a focus on teaching proper movement patterns, the importance of intensity, volume, frequency, and how everything ties together to form an effective training program. In addition to strength training, some attention will be given to dynamic warm-ups, mobility and injury preventative work, as well as conditioning work. The amount of attention given to each individual component will depend on the client and their history and goals, and will be determined based on the initial consult as well as what is observed during the training session.

Consultations & Online Training

Training + Nutritional Consultation – $100 for initial consult, $100 per month after
Training Only – $65 for initial consult, $65 per month after
Nutrition Only – $65 for initial consult, $65 per month after

Individuals who choose this will go through an initial assessment and based on this assessment a plan will be developed to reach their goals. Included in the consultation would also be weekly follow-ups, three of which would be included in your initial consult at weeks 2, 3, and 4, to see how the plan is working and to make any adjustments, if needed. During this time frame you are also welcome to contact me at anytime with questions about your plan.

If after the 4th week you feel confident continuing on your own, you will still be left with instructions on how to handle adjustments going forward. If you’d like to continue under my guidance, you can do so for an additional $100/$65 billed monthly.

Note: Consultations can be combined with in-person sessions. Additional discounts are applied in this case and are sold as monthly packages. Please contact for current rates.

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