Personal Training Info

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have hit a plateau in your own training, personal training with one of our certified trainers is a great way to get the body you have always wanted.

Session Fees:
1 session – $50
6 sessions – $45/each
12 sessions – $40/each

All session packages include an initial consultation, personalized training routines, nutritional plan personalized for client, supplementation recommendations, and 60 minute training sessions to establish and maintain an exercise routine. Sessions may include dynamic warm-ups, flexibility and mobility work, strength training, conditioning, as well as injury preventative work. Specifics would depend on the individual and their goals

Consultations & Online Training

Training + Nutritional Consultation – $125 ($75 per month for ongoing support)
Individuals who choose this will go through an initial assessment and based on this assessment a training and nutrition plan will be developed to reach their goals. However, you end up doing the sessions on your own. This is perfect for those that really just need a little direction. Included in the consultation would also be a follow-up two weeks later to see how the plan is working and to make any adjustments, if needed. During this time frame you are also welcome to contact me at anytime with questions about your plan.

You also have the option for a $75 monthly fee to have ongoing support. This means bi-weekly meetings and the ability to contact me at anytime with questions. I may ask some clients to send me updates weekly to make sure they’re on track as well.

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