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Supplements can be an important part in reaching your goals and here are Perth Ultimate Fitness we don’t feel you should pay a ridiculous amount getting supplements locally. Many people pay the price at big supplement chains not knowing any better, and others end up ordering online paying shipping charges and waiting for their supplements to arrive. Now you can pick your supplements up at the same place you workout. Not only is a lot more convenient, you’ll also save money. We are constantly expanding our selection and our prices are competitive with most online retailers and our prices are much cheaper than what the big supplement chains will charge you.

Currently we have products by Dymatize, BSN, Gaspari Nutrition, Scivation, Primaforce, TwinLab, AST, Controlled Labs, iSatori, VPX, MHP, Inner Armour, Nutrex, and more. While you’re working out, stop by the desk to ask about our current inventory and pricing.

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