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Exercise Index - Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian Deadlift primarily targets the glutes and hamstrings and is an excellent choice for building hip extension strength and overloading the hamstrings in their stretched position.

Set-Up - Start with the bar in the rack. Your grip should be just outside your hips. Use a mixed grip or straps to ensure your grip is not a limiting factor.

Execution - Unrack the bar and step back. Take a big breath into your belly and brace your core.

With a slight bend in the knees initiate the movement by pushing your hips back while keeping the bar close to you and a neutral spine. To maintain tension on your hamstrings focus on pushing your hips back and do not let your knees drift forward as you descend. Motion should only occur at the hips. Once you can no longer push your hips back and maintain a neutral spine, that's your end range of motion. Going any lower would require movement of the lumbar spine and would not increase tension on the glutes and hamstrings.

Initiate the concentric by driving through your heels and squeezing your glutes and hamstrings. Stand tall, and do not hyperextend the spine.

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