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For the past decade, we have built our business to be the leading strength training facility in Fulton & Montgomery Counties. Ask around where people go when they want to get serious about their strength and physique goals, and without question the answer will be Perth. 

We are family owned and operated and are dedicated to providing an environment suitable for all skill levels and goals. Whether you're a complete beginner stepping into a gym for the first time, or a competitive strength or physique athlete you'll find a home at Perth Ultimate Fitness. Whether you want to get lean, build muscle, get stronger, or simply feel more confident, we can provide the environment and services to help you reach your goals.

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Our facility is one of the best equipped facilities in the area with top of the line strength equipment from brands like EliteFTS, Rogue, Life Fitness 'Hammer Strength' and much more. 

The following represent a small portion of the equipment that sets us apart and why our members say we have the best equipment in the area:

  • 3x Squat Racks (1 being a Rogue RML-490 w/ band pegs & multi-grip pull-up bar)

  • EliteFTS Competition Bench Press

  • Rogue Ohio Power Bar

  • EliteFTS Power Bar

  • EliteFTS Safety Squat Bar

  • Bands & Chains

  • Dumbbells up to 150lbs

  • Deadlift Platform

  • EliteFTS Glute Ham Raise

  • Hammer Strength Machines

  • Lying, Seated, and iso-lateral leg curls

  • Hack Squat

  • Sissy Squat

Cardio equipment is also available, including treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and spinning bikes, as well as 2 indoor racquetball courts!

We also have an indoor arena which can be utilized in the warmer months for sprinting & other sports drills, as well as strongman training such as tire flips, yoke carry, farmers walks, etc. 

From September 1st - June 1st the indoor arena is utilized for winter storage of boats, cars, and motorcycles. Spots fill up fast so make sure to reserve your spot early!

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